About Us

Good Ole Fashioned Gourmet Fudge, Sweets and Biltong. Over 70 flavours of Gourmet Fudge made the Good Ole Fashioned way!

If you are looking for the best Good Ole Fashioned Gourmet Fudge around or some Good Ole Fashioned Sweets and some other exciting fudge product’s you have come to the right place. Granny’s Fudge Shop is a family run business and has been making Good Ole Fashioned Sweets the Good Ole Fashioned way since 2004.

Granny’s Fudge Shop manufactures and sells a wide range of Gourmet Fudge (over 70 flavours to choose from), Fudge Frappes (Fudge Drinks) and Good Ole Fashioned Sweets such as Nougats, Coconut Ice, Turkish Delights, Honeycomb, Hard Candy and Caramelized Nuts to name but a few.

Our goal is to help you reminisce about the good things of the good ole fashioned days through our wide range of Good Ole Fashioned Sweets. Your smile is our reward. All our gourmet Fudge’s and Good Ole Fashioned Sweets use only the best ingredients and is cooked the Good Ole Fashioned way in big copper pots over fire and all our gourmet fudges are mixed on genuine marble slabs giving it a smooth creamy texture, making it truly a gourmet fudge and the best fudge around town.