Granny's Story

How did it all begin and where do those delicious sweets come from? This is the story of Granny's Fudge Shop.

Once upon a time there lived a young girl who always loved to bake and make sweets and as she grew older she always dreamed of one day owning her own little bakery or sweet shop. However after getting married and having two little children she had to work to help support and raise her children. She did this for the next 30 years almost seven days a week but her dream of one day owning her own little bakery or sweet shop never left her. When she was not working she would often bake and make delicious homemade goodies for her family and would often share her dream with her family of one day owning her own little bakery or sweet shop. Her son would always watch how hard she worked and promised her that one day when he grew older he would help her one day to own her own little bakery or sweet shop.

Then one day many years later while her son was visiting the Randburg Waterfront in Johannesburg, he come across a Fudge Shop which made a variety of handmade fudges and sweets and he knew instantly that if he could get a shop like this for his mother in Durban it would be her dream come true. So with no money and armed only with his faith, He decided to call the owner and ask if He could start a shop like this in Durban and after many months of negotiations, in 2003 an agreement was finally reached between the then owners and Granny’s son and his partner then (now wife) at the time, and the money was raised which gave birth to the first Fudge Shop at Suncoast on the beachfront.

Then in 2004 as Durban was getting ready to open up a world class marine entertainment venue called uShaka Marine World, Granny’s son thought it would be a fantastic idea to open up a Fudge Shop there and as they say the rest is history and since then, Granny has been making good ole fashioned fudge and sweets to the satisfaction of its loyal customers for over 10 years.

In 2014 after trading for many years as a successful franchisee, Granny decided it was time for her to open her own franchise which finally gave birth to Granny’s Fudge Shop and so after 30 years, Granny’s dream of one day owning her own sweet shop was finally realized. Her lesson learned and message is, no matter how long it takes “with God all things are possible”.